• Please note that in order for this change to occur, this request must be sent through the website before the 20th of the month prior to the next pre-authorized debit withdrawal.

    Additionally, for your EFT request to be effective January 1st, you must submit your form by December 15th.

    If you are the owner of multiple units, please submit one form per each unit.

    If you are the owner of a unit in a Sectioned building, a separate form is required for each of the Sections (eg. 1 form for the Strata section and 1 form for the other Section (please specify)).

    Thank you for choosing to sign up for our pre-authorized debit account change through our website. Please fill in all of the fields below in order to successfully sign up for this service.



  • If your submission date is after the 20th day of the month, your EFT Effective Date will automatically become, not the next month, but the following 1st day of the month. For the month of December, you must submit your form by December 15th.
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      We are accepting the following file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, jpeg.

      The maximum file size allowed is 8MB.

      *Please do not include Apostrophe (') in the file name as this will not allow your file to upload.

      If you are having difficulties attaching your file, please consider attaching it by:
      - Converting the file into a different format. (if it is an image file like .jpg or .png, convert it into a .pdf format. If it is a .pdf file, convert it into an image format: .jpg or .png)
      - Screen-capturing your file (and re-save).

    • The name on the attached cheque must match the name of the owner/tenant on our records. If someone other than the owner/tenant is making the payment, please complete information below:

    • 1. I/We acknowledge that by participating in this EFT plan established by AWM-ALLIANCE REAL ESTATE GROUP LTD. that all terms and conditions set out herein must be abided. AWM-ALLIANCE REAL ESTATE GROUP LTD. reserves the right to reject the application or discontinue the service.

      2. I/We warrant and guarantee that all persons whose consent is required for this account have authorized this agreement.

      3. I/We acknowledge that this EFT authorization is provided for the benefit of AWM-ALLIANCE REAL ESTATE GROUP LTD. and the processing institution administering the account. It is provided in consideration of the said processing institution agreeing to process this EFT against my/our bank account in accordance with the rules of the Canadian Payments Association.

      4. I/We hereby authorize AWM-ALLIANCE REAL ESTATE GROUP LTD. and its processing institution to debit my/our bank account on the 1st day of each month (not applicable to Owners Choice EFT Set Up):

       All recurring monthly strata fees and/or charges (e.g. parking and lockers etc.); and/or

       Any one-time retroactive strata fees/charges adjustments; and/or

       Any one-time sporadic debit of any kind (e.g. a “catch-up” payment on previous outstanding strata fees for 1st time EFT enrolment, NSF administration fee, etc.) as authorized by me/us.

      I/We understand that the amount of strata fees/rent may be increased or decreased based on the approved budget as adopted by my/our strata corporation or by increases in monthly rent as determined by the landlord.. I/We agree to waive the requirements for pre-notification including, without Limitation, pre-notification of any changes in the amount of the EFT due to a change in strata fees/rent, charges, or adjustment.

      5. I/We acknowledge that delivery of this authorization to AWM-ALLIANCE REAL ESTATE GROUP LTD. constitutes delivery by me/us to the processing institution.

      6. I/We understand that this authority is to remain in effect until AWM-ALLIANCE REAL ESTATE GROUP LTD. has received written notification from me/us of its change or termination. The notification must be delivered to the office of AWM-ALLIANCE REAL ESTATE GROUP LTD. before the 20th of the month prior to the next EFT withdrawal. I/We may obtain a cancellation form or more information on my/our right to cancel our EFT Agreement by contacting the office of AWM ALLIANCE REAL ESTATE GROUP LTD. or by visiting our website.

      7. I/We undertake to inform AWM-ALLIANCE REAL ESTATE GROUP LTD. immediately, in writing, of any change in the account (e.g. account closure, change of account number, etc.) or other information provided in this authorization.

      8. I/We understand that a NSF administration fee will apply to my/our account should my/our EFT be returned due to insufficient funds, account closure, or account freeze, etc. It is my/our responsibility to ensure the balance in my/our bank account is sufficient to cover the EFT.

      9. I/We understand the personal information provided in this EFT Agreement is for purposes of identifying and communicating with me/us, processing payments, responding to emergencies, ensuring the orderly management of the Strata Corporation or property and complying with legal requirements. I/We hereby authorize the strata corporation/property under our management to collect, use and disclose my/our personal information for these purposes.