• Please note this form is for:

    1. All Residential and Commercial tenants managed by AWM Alliance Real Estate Group Ltd.


    2. The owners of the below buildings:

    - Arbutus Outlook South (Commercial) BCS 162
    - Broadway Station LMS 3183
    - Cates Landing EPS4534
    - Cruickshank Professional Building LMS 3208
    - Delta Rise (Strata / Residential) EPS 4044
    - Edgemont (Strata / Residential / Commercial) BCS 3348
    - Ellis Foster LMS 1875
    - Fraser EPS 5767
    - Forester 2 EPS 9256
    - Highline at Garibaldi Springs EPS 9070
    - Latimer Village (Strata / Residential / Commercial) EPS 7772
    - MC2 South (Commercial) EPS 3174
    - OMA 2 (Commercial) BCS 2906
    - Star of Kitsilano LMS 2329
    - The Montreux (Strata / Residential) BCS 1729
    - Wallace & McDowell (Strata / Residential /Commercial) EPS 3573
    - Watermark (Residential / Townhouse / Commercial / Strata / LowRise) EPS 126
    - West Quay EPS 4482

    If you are an owner of the building that is not listed above, please refer to this page: Making Payments via the OwnerLink Portal


  • Please complete and submit this form before the 20th of the month prior to the next pre-authorization debit withdrawal date (1st Day of the month).

    Exception: for your EFT request to be effective January 1st, you must submit your form by December 15th.

    If you are the owner of multiple units, please submit one form for each unit.

    If you are the owner of a unit in a Sectioned building, a separate form is required for each of the Sections (eg. 1 form for the Strata section and 1 form for the other Section (please specify)).

    Thank you for choosing to sign up for our pre-authorized one-time additional payment plan through our website. Please fill in all of the fields below in order to successfully sign up for this service.



  • The form must be submitted before the 20th of the Month prior to the next pre-authorized withdrawal. Exception: For January 1st withdrawal, you must submit the form by December 15th.
  • Please specify how this one-time EFT payment will be allocated to your account. i.e parking, fines, other. If we don't receive specific instructions, your additional payment will be applied to the oldest Strata Fee/Rent outstanding first and the remaining amount will be applied to any other charges outstanding.

  • By clicking that 'I accept' below, I/We acknowledge that my/our account is currently set up on monthly EFT withdrawal. In addition to that, I/we hereby authorize AWM-Alliance Real Estate Group Ltd. to withdraw the one-time amount (as indicated above) from my account.
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